Kansas City Jazz ALIVE is a 501 (c)(3) catalyst group organized in 2013 to implement opportunities for the Greater Kansas City jazz community. Its members work in concert to “Raise the Tide that Lifts all Jazz Boats.”

Mission, Vision & Values

The MISSION of Kansas City Jazz ALIVE is to:

Build AWARENESS, serve as a LISTENING body, provide a platform for integrating IDEAS, function as a VOICE, provide EXPOSURE to resources, and unite the Kansas City jazz community. As a catalyst organization — supporting artists, enthusiasts and venue owners, we strive to raise the tides that lift all jazz boats.

The VISION of Kansas City Jazz ALIVE is to:

Make Kansas City the premier destination for jazz and live music where musicians find it a haven for performance; where visitors and residents can expect quality live performances; and where venues can experience economic success.

Kansas City Jazz ALIVE VALUES:

The Kansas City Jazz ALIVE approach to supporting and elevating jazz is designed to align with the five pillars of our mission — Awareness, Listening, Ideas, Voice and Exposure by being a catalyst organization — supporting artists, enthusiasts and venue owners, and raising the tides that lift all jazz boats and increase engagement within the American Jazz aesthetic.

We Value

  • Jazz as an original and important American art form
  • Patrons as supporters of jazz
  • Jazz artists who create and perform the music
  • Venue owners who present the music

We Promote

  • Kansas City jazz artists and venues
  • The history and future of jazz and the Kansas City jazz narrative
  • The vitality of the arts and jazz as an economic engine

We Explore

  • Opportunities for synergy among artists, enthusiasts and venue owners
  • Collaborations that result in increased awareness, performance opportunities, and economic impact
  • Opportunities to support education, build and engage new audiences
  • The ongoing contributions of Kansas City jazz in the context of jazz history

Join us in raising the tide that lifts all jazz boats!