Spotlight 2019: Charlie Parker

What to expect in August 2019…

Kansas City Jazz ALIVE is extremely proud of its effort to launch and support the Annual Charlie Parker Celebration!  Over its 5-year run, the celebration grew to be one of the largest tributes to one of jazz’s most notable icons, Charles “Yardbird” Parker.  Highlights of these annual celebrations included panel discussions, education sessions, jazz venue showcases, student spotlight performances, Bird listening sessions, artist in residencies, history tours, musical salutes at Bird’s grave site, and closing showcase concerts.

These events included partnerships with a significant number of institutions and entities within the greater Kansas City region.  Most notable was the commitment to providing enhanced promotional support highlighting the good work these participating partners have done to elevate the awareness of Charlie Parker!  Marketing efforts garnered attention via the New York Times, Huffington Post, KC local TV stations, the Kansas City Star, Pitch Magazine, Jam Magazine, and numerous radio partners including KKFI, KCUR, KPR, among others.

Spotlight 2019: Charlie Parker

As we plan for August 2019, in place of our traditional 10-day KC Jazz ALIVE Charlie Parker Celebration, we have changed the format to include a series of events, focused around our mission of raising the jazz tide for more of our Partners: Spotlight 2019: Charlie Parker

In the works are an opening panel discussion, multiple student education opportunities, jazz history tour, jazz MeetUp events, and, of course, numerous live jazz performances! As details are finalized for each Partnership Event, we will post on our websites, KC Jazz Calendar and social media.

Thank you for your continued support of live Kansas City jazz!